Monday, 11 December 2017

Memo #10

The Beautiful Duckling

Once upon a time, there was once a soon to be mother duck.  This mother duck had no children yet for none of her eggs had hatched. One bright sunny day, as she patiently waited for her eggs to hatch, the mother duck felt something move beneath her. CRACK!!  CRACK!!  CRACK!!  CRACK!! Filled with happiness, the mother duck watched each one of her ducklings pop out of their eggs. There was the last egg that was larger than the rest and yet to crack. This egg was glistening in the sunlight as it shined silver. Her little ducks impatiently waited for a couple hours because the mother duck wanted this egg to hatch too. “I want to swim in the pond, Mother,” one duckling quacked. “Let’s go!  Let’s go!” two more quacked impatiently. All of this yet the mother duck made them all wait because she wanted to love her children all the same. As the moon rose the silver egg glistened in the beautiful moonlight then suddenly, it cracked. CRAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Out from the large silver egg popped a beautiful duckling with silky feathers. This ducklings beak was a beautiful bright orange, his feathers were strong and silver, and her face was so beautiful! The mother duck promised that she would treat all of her new ducklings the same no matter their looks. For the rest of their days, the mother duck, beautiful duck, and the rest of the ducklings lived happily ever after…… until they were all feasted on my a large group of hawks. The end.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Memo #8

Well this wasn’t the first time I had been trapped inside an elevator, but it was the first time I had to escape without the help of the magical red button called “call for help”. Here’s what happened. I casually woke up this morning in my fossil of an apartment pondering over the arduous concept of ducks, when it came to my realization that the clock was incessantly ticking its way to strike 9. I instantaneously jump out of my bed to brush my teeth and fix my hair. I scavenge whatever I could find to wear and eat and step out the door within a couple of minutes. I quickly rushed into the broken-down elevator and spammed the buttons in order to get to the main floor quicker. Little did I know, I broke the old thing. I saw the door close and felt the elevator go down half a floor before coming to an unexpected halt. I tried clicking the buttons but nothing happened. Then I started slamming my fists on the broken machine hoping it would move, but nothing budged. I came to a realization that I once again had been trapped inside an elevator. Suddenly, my heroic instincts kicked in from watching those Tom Cruise movies and I kicked open the top of the elevator. I utilized my inner Spiderman skills and hopped my way out of the elevator. Sike! I actually just sat in there and cried for help until the

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Memo #7

5 Reason Why I love The Arts

The arts are an outlet of expression for many, where they can perform, create, and display. There are many forms of art such as literary arts which include writing novels, short stories, poems etc. Another category would be performing arts which include music, dance, theatre etc. There are also visual arts which has a variety of drawing, painting, sculpting. Last but not least there are media marts which involve things like photography, filmmaking, graphic designing, video game designing etc.

1: Expressing Yourself
I love being able to express myself and for me, I do that through playing instruments such as the piano and drums. It’s quite obvious that you can express yourself through the arts much better than doing some math or science. A bonus to arts like acting and playing an instrument is that is when you’re angry, you can really, I mean really express it.

2: Creativity
The arts develops a willingness to explore and create things has haven’t existed before. I personally love taking pictures, videos, and graphic designing but all of this needs creativity. You won’t be able to create anything new if you can’t be creative and think outside the box. Coming up with a new idea every time you want to take a photo or every time you want to write a script is difficult, but if you use your creativity and be innovative, you will be able to find a new and improved ways of doing things.

3: Learning Benefits
Statistically, teens who study music and play instruments have a better development of speech and it trains them to focus their attention for sustained periods due to the fact of having to memorise and play lengthy pieces. When you struggle with a painting or singing or learning how to play a song, focus really kicks in and is vital in real life situations for studying and even doing a job well later in life. Throughout my time of doing arts like music and film, you really do fail a lot and at times you really get frustrated but that’s where you persevere. Filmmaking has taught me that if the shoot doesn’t go right, doesn't me you fail, it just means you learn from it and improve it the next time.

4: It’s Fun
When I make a video or a short film, it puts me in this world where nothing else matters, the story is going on, and I just create and have fun. Do you remember that feeling when you were little and spent all day daydreaming and imagining? For me that’s what filmmaking and the arts in general is. It takes you out of this world and anything can go your way. For example, the effects in Star Wars was really mind blowing when I was younger, but now as I’ve learnt how to do it, it really feels like an accomplishment and makes you want to make more films. This is a big reason why the arts also help you with motivation.

5: The Arts are Eternal
Creativity and self-expression have always been apart of humanity stemming from the earliest creative expressions of petroglyphs, cave paintings, and ancient sculptures. One of the first things kids do is draw, paint, and use their imaginations to play. The arts change and develop throughout the years but they will never stop being practiced or learnt. This is why the arts are good for not just kids but for everyone to learn.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Memo 6

Cape Verde's Stance on Climate Change
"Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side," said by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon¹ The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), founded in 1972 has been leading the constitution for combating Climate Change. The United States of America (USA) and China are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world and committed to work together to help stop the rising problem of climate change.

In 2009, China and the USA were at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit when their agreement fell flat, blaming each other for dropping the agreement. Currently, China and the USA have announced unilateral measures to reduce their greenhouse gases. China has promised to combat Climate change by completely stopping their greenhouse emission by 2030. The United States of America has promised to reduce its gas emissions up to 28% by 2025. These two countries are going to push more negotiations at a Climate Change Conference in Paris this year in 2015. All countries have an obligation to work at ending climate change. "The China-US Climate Change Agreement Is a Step Forward for Green Power Relations." (Hansen, 2014)

Countries with Veto power need to cooperate, as China and USA are to reduce their countries emission of greenhouse gases. All countries need to set restrictions to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted every year which 82% of those emissions are created by humans.This problem is so crucial that it was placed on the list of Millennium Development Goals.

Developing countries such as India are quickly acquiring more citizens making it harder
to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.There has been physical evidence of Climate Change which is caused by the increase of CO₂ which is due to emissions from fossil fuels such as coal, oil, petroleum, and gasoline. The global warming effect was very noticeable throughout 2014 making it the most scorching year since 1880. Extreme weather, heat waves and storms can affect human health and even kill people. Rising temperatures, snow and longer droughts affect the amount of water in lakes, streams, rivers etc. Sea ice and glaciers melting can affect rising ocean levels. Over the past 100 years the sea levels around the world have rose 7 inches.

During the 40th session in 1988, The World Meteorological Organization’s Executive Council has established The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to further the research and knowledge of Climate Change as well as prepare a plan of action to implement solutions. In 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) created the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change in order to implement solutions to reduce the emissions of CO2 and the effect of climate change. In 2000, The United Nations created the Millennium development goal 7 (Climate Change) to ensure environmental sustainability around the world including reducing the carbon emissions and the energy used. In 2012, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development was held in Rio de Janeiro which was later nicknamed Rio + 20 which was to honor the twentieth anniversary of the United Nations. The goal of Rio + 20 was to adopt further sustainable development in their nations.

Cape Verde is affected by climate change because of the rising pressures making water resources even more scarce than they already are. 80% of Cape Verde’s residents are vulnerable to the rising sea levels due to their houses being built out of non-resistant materials. Scientists have noticed that Cape Verde’s average annual temperatures have increased by 0.6°c since 1960.  

The government of Cape Verde has created a plan to achieve 100% of renewable energy by 2020. The Cape Verde will attempt to achieve this goal with the help of the European Union (EU). The EU has provided €51 million ($71.4 million CDN)for Cape Verde to achieve Millennium Development Goal 7. Even though 25% of the energy used in Cape Verde is covered by climate change, Cape Verde aims to make it 100%. Now Cape Verde is on track to complete nearly all Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Currently, the only challenge for Cape Verde is eradicating poverty due to 26.6% of the population are currently living to poverty.

There are many ways for humans to help, especially by consuming less products and another big way is to go vegetarian. The more people the more gas is emitted so humans should start to have less children. We could also unplug everything when they’re not in use. The earth is 70% water so we should use oceans and the sun’s heat to create thermal energy and mechanical energy from the tides. In places that have lots of sunlight, we should start building solar panels to save lots of energy and stop the gas emissions by a little. Turbines could help take wind energy to turn it into energy. If we use things like wind, sunlight, and the ocean for saving energy we will also stop part of the gas emissions. If these rules apply all over the world we could save so much energy and reduce the gas emissions.

If the humans can modify their way of life, living beings could live on the earth longer and in a more efficient way. But until Cape Verde can apply major changes, other major countries and their leaders must step up and make boundaries to be more efficient.

Hansen, Simon. “The China-US climate change agreement is a step forward for green power relations | Simon Hansen.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 14 Nov. 2014,

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Memo #5

Hidden Figure
As I blink open my exasperated eyes on a seemingly normal day, I shift my sight to the longcase clock ticking at me. It was 8:30 in the morning, and I only have a limited amount of time to get to school. I promptly get dressed, pick up my burdensome bag and navigate my feet towards the exiting door. As I begin my eternal walk towards school, I cross several withered trees, whose leaves seasoned and began their journey to the ground, welcoming the cold winter. Every step and every turn along the way, the strangest and most bizarre noises seemed to transverse through the sharp green hedges. If someone was to ask me, I would have thought that I was scrambling my way through a dingy, endless path in a B grade horror movie.

As I finally arrive to my destination, I energetically whip the door open to enter the school building. As I gaze around the dark, empty building, I realise nobody was there. Around 8:45 there are usually 15 people there but today was different. Slowly proceeding in the direction of the light switch, something catches my eye. I notice a large creature lurking in the shadows right at the edge of my peripheral vision. I was so frightened my body struck still not letting me even twitch let alone move. Then the large creature in the shadows began dashing towards me. Frightenedly, I plunged to the ground trying to flee from what looked like an enormous spine-chilling figure hiding in the shadows. This hidden figure backed me into the corner of the room, I was ready to defecate myself. As it stepped out of the shadows I realized it was worse than I imagined, it was... Mr Clean; I mean Mr. Soks. You know the worst part about it? He asked me to hand in my assignment that I didn't even start.   

Monday, 23 October 2017

Memo #4 - Barbie and My Little Pony

The Barbonie
Sitting in class, staring through the pellucid glass window, hearing but not listening to the teacher’s instructions, I often ponder to myself, “Are classes supposed to be an eon long?” I often find myself in a situation where I’m spacing out before I hear the screech known as the teacher’s voice, calling me out for not paying attention. I frequently zone out and go off on in a mental adventure where I daydream about barbies and ponies.
Now imagine if ‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Barbie’ were to collaborate; the production would be no less than pure sparkle magic. Don’t even attempt to convince me that this potential creation wouldn’t solve all the problems in the world. Twilight sparkle, the glorious and ravishing pony from Ponyville, along with all her friends Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Princess Celestia, would work extremely well with Barbie and her friends. The majestic ponies would save their land from corruption using their magical powers of unicorn horns, and the barbies would help solve enchanted missions.
Just think about it, the majestic ponies mixed together with the adorable barbies, now that’s game changing. It is a revolutionary concept that would change the entire toy business. I’m not saying I would buy it, because barbies and ponies are for meant for girls and I’m the manliest of all the homo sapiens on this planet. Now if this were to happen, Barbie and Ken would be riding off into the sunset on Twilight Sparkle…. Then I rudely get shook back to reality with my friends telling me: “Class is finally over. Come on let’s go.” As I leave I think to myself, “what did the teacher actually talk about in class again?”

Monday, 9 October 2017

Memo #3

Every Thanksgiving we are told to be “thankful” but, what does that really mean? To be thankful is the act of giving thanks for anything and everything in all circumstances. Thankfulness should be a way of life for us, naturally coming from our hearts and mouths, and not just forced like during Thanksgiving. We have so many things to be thankful for and yet, we take it all for granted. For instance, many people including me just assume that things such as our houses, jobs, phones, pets, cars, computers, etc. will always be there for us, but this may not always be the case. In light of all the current events such as, Hurricane Irma and the Las Vegas shooting, it goes to show that life is unpredictable. Therefore, we should be thankful for the things we have instead of thinking negatively by saying “why don’t I have things others do”.  
First and foremost, we hate the mistakes and struggles we go through but I believe we should be thankful for them. Struggles break you down and you just have to work yourself back up and become stronger and better. We especially have to be thankful for the people who support us through those tough times. My life wouldn't be the same without the people that have molded me into who I am. It is important to be humble no matter where you are in life, and remember all the people that helped you get to where you are, whether it's your parents, your siblings, or your friends.

Thankfulness, gratitude, gratefulness, and appreciation come into play not just during Thanksgiving but throughout everyday of your life. I am thankful for the 14 wonderful years I’ve spent on this earth and I cannot ask for anything better.