Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tragically Hip Essay

Gord Downie Cemented His Legacy for Centuries?

Unforgotten legacies are made by people such Gord Downie who place an extensive mark on the world. Gord Downie will go down as the man that led The Tragically Hip, the man who inspired others, the man who was involved in environmental movements, and someone who impacted many lives. Downie’s legacy has gone from music, to inspiration, to even bringing awareness to this rare cancer of Glioblastoma Multiforme. Even in his difficult situation, he still managed to be brave and strong enough and to perform for his final tour with The Tragically Hip.

Gord Downie is a living inspiration to many. He’s able to inspire others through his performances, lyrics, and speeches. Future generations will view Gord Downie a kind hearted leader. When he isn’t writing songs or performing he would spend his time being involved with environmental movements, usually issues involving water rights. As a board member of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, he assisted a cause to prevent a cement company from igniting tires for fuel. Adding on to that, Gord has, throughout his life, been part of a music club called the Swim Drink Music Club, a club to bring artists and environmentalists together.

Gord Downie will leave us a legacy of strength, bravery, and kindness. Throughout his lifetime he has accomplished so much with The Tragically Hip and alone. Him and his “brothers” (The Tragically Hip) have won 14 juno awards and have been nominated many times as well. Even under his current circumstances, he’s still creating change through his movement to bring awareness to this rare cancer he’s battling, called Glioblastoma multiforme. Gord Downie has even started a fundraiser to help research for brain cancer and other disorders. Right up to the end he’s helping for the good of the world to hopefully find a game-changing breakthrough for treatments of neurological disorders, including cancer.

“I go for it; I sing, I dance, I listen to this great band, I do what music urges.” -Gord Downie. This quote is a representation of Gord Downie’s passion for singing, dancing and the general arts. He works hard with the band and does his best to positively impact the world of music. Downie’s persona while performing onstage often involves talking in tongues and blending in bits of poetry. Downie has said that he never holds back and always commits when it comes to music and performing. He has clearly demonstrated that he doesn’t hold back during his final concert in Kingston when he bursted in tears singing Grace, too.
Gord Downie will leave behind a vast legacy of assisting and inspiring others. He has even impacted our class where we are studying and researching his music. This proves that if you live a life of inspiring others and impacting others right up to the very end, you will be remembered for centuries and leave behind a legacy that will forever be remembered, not just by canadians, but by many others around the world.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hilary's Evaluation

To Hilary:
I felt that you were overall able to express your ideas while being able to respectfully debate against Donald. You were actively listening during the debate but also able to contradict what Donald was saying at the right times as well.
Next time, you should keep actively listening but instead of putting on a comical face, you should try and keep a more serious but attentive face on. I’m not sure what your little shoulder shrug was supposed to mean but next time try to keep your nonverbal cues more professional. You spoke somewhat well but at times you did stumble with your words. Donald did give you a hard time due to the fact that he interrupted you 28 times in total throughout the debate.You did a great job to show speaking strategies and you were able to exhibit sensitivity to cultural differences especially when the topic of Iraq rose.

I felt that Hilary’s debating strategies are quite similar to mine for example . I felt that if I were in her situation I would explode in anger because of all times Donald interrupted her. I learnt that you have to keep your cool even if someone is interrupting you.
Overall I think that Hilary was able to respond effectively to different topics that Donald brought up such as the private emails. She did a great job responding and conversing throughout the debate and with that she was able to stand up for her thoughts and debated quite well.