Friday, 28 April 2017

Geography Project Reflection

  1. What are three things you learned from your assignment?
  2. Why would someone want to settle in Canada? Give three reasons and explain your answer
  3. What would three obstacles be for someone new to Canada? Explain how they could overcome these obstacles.

I learnt more on the geography side of things then I did of the pure facts since I learnt most of this information last year while researching for my french project. One major thing I found out about while doing research for this project would be where specifically my grandparents on my mom’s side were from. After researching a little bit, I learnt that my grandpa was born in China and moved to Vietnam to marry my grandma who is actually Vietnamese. Another interesting thing I learnt was my dad’s travel and struggle in Ontario before settling in Ottawa. The last thing I learnt wasn’t something new, but it was something I learnt more about which is my personal movement in Ottawa. I always knew that I’ve lived at three houses but I also learnt that I stayed at my grandma’s house for the first couple months while my first official house was being built.

Some reasons could be healthcare, opportunities, and how safe Canada is. Nice and simple. Canada has a free health care system which could be useful for immigrants who need to spend their money on other things such as food, clothes, houses, etc.Canada The opportunities in Canada are endless which is a big reason why my family came here. Canada is a fast growing country with vast resources and careers for immigrants to pursue. Canada is a very safe country with their somewhat low crime rate and very low in some cities such as Toronto. It’s pretty safe to the point that if a crime were to happen it’d appear on the front page. My final extra reason would be to run away from Trump.

For my three that I’ll be listing, it’ll be the ones that I think are the biggest obstacles. The first obstacle which my family personally ran into was language. They came to Canada not knowing English at all and they managed to still get through school and learn the language. Another obstacle would be money. Not all families are rich and can easily survive without worrying about anything. My family overcame this problem by working 2-3 jobs each. Other solutions would be to go to school and to find a beneficial job. Last but not least would be to get here in the first place. Depending on where the person is coming from, getting to Canada can be a problem due to issues such as transportation and fleeing the country. All of the solutions I gave are obviously easier said than done.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Geography- Day 1

Something that stuck with me was the concept of not using our phones. We don't usually do this with other courses but it was nice to take a break from our phones. I learnt a little bit about the geographic area of Canada as well. Overall it was a great first class even though I don't really like geography.