Friday, 30 September 2016

Business Letter

Donald Truong
275 Michael Cowpland Drive
Kanata, ON K2M 2C5

September 29, 2016

Dear future blog readers,

I, Donald Truong, am a Cedar Ridge High School student who has created a blog dedicated to all of my educational pieces from projects, to essays, and many other proud pieces of my effort. My blog will be the center of my digital portfolio where all my future blog readers will be able to follow and view my work from my 21st Century Literacy course.
In my 21st Century Literacy Course, I will and have been learning skills such as leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, designing a passion project, and many more skills. We have also learnt different things such as poetry and technology studies, and from that I have written a poem inspired my Gord Downie, analyzed a poem/song by The Tragically Hip, and created this, my blog.
Something I want to accomplish with this blog is to first, organize and store all my work in one place in order to share with the world. Second, to find an authentic audience to discover my work or to interact with other experts in those fields. Finally, to inspire and interact with different people from across the world.
It would be appreciated if you could visit my blog at .
I will be actively displaying my work and projects from my 21st Century Literacy course where I will be learning many new things. If you would like to contact me about anything or have any questions, you may mail me from the email linked above. I am excited to show you everything I will learn and create, I hope you that you would stop by my blog sometime.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Poem Inspired by Gord Downie

Time Flies

I really hate thinking about how time flies
Back when we didn’t know what was wrong or right
Really makes you reflect on all those memories
When everything ended up in a fight

We’d just play around and share some snacks
There was never too much to agonize about
It was just have fun and make some friends
Things will be changing from here on out

I really miss the memories of building all those snowmen
Or even when we got to swim and had fun
So much laughter was shared at the park
But nothing could’ve beaten hide and go seek in the dark

Now we’ll just run into challenges day in and out
Fun is now just replaced with stress
No matter how difficult it is don’t you ever pout
You must keep hustling nevertheless

School starts to take over and we start to lose time
We miss all those moments which were filled with amusement
You start to wish all that time would just replay
But really it’s all just an illusion

Really consider how you’re using your time
Complete your tasks and you’ll find some downtime
Just use your time wisely and live with no regret
Just live life to the fullest and time will fly by like a jet

My poem was inspired by Gord Downie’s poem called Toboggan Hill. In this poem he talks about when he was young and all the fun things that he did such as “I'm thinking back to when we were young and eating donuts.” After reading this it brought up an idea or inspiration to write about how time flies and how we should cherish those times we had and to use our time wisely. In my opinion his poems have a very loose rhyming structure which made me use different rhyming patterns instead of the simple A,B,A,B.

Monday, 26 September 2016

I am a leader because…

What is a leader? Are they the bosses, the superior, the commander? I believe that a leader should be able to guide others as a group or as an individual. To be a successful leader you need to be able to communicate and cooperate. Now why am I a leader?  There are strong outspoken leaders out there who can speak loudly and convince, but I believe I am a more quiet leader who leads by example and by cooperating well with others. Quiet leaders like me listen, figure out the situation, then act. You don’t always have to lead during a group project or while working in groups. One way I usually lead is actually not in school but in public. When you smile at someone you’re leading by example. Just doing something like can show you that you can lead but also helps others in the process. Who wouldn’t like just to be smiled at?

I recently learnt that leaders need to take risks. Every leader that has succeeded has taken a risk. For example Elon Musk, a renowned engineer/inventor, took a big risk and poured most of his paypal capital into Space X and now Space X has a revenue of over 100 million dollars. Now what have I done as a risk to be a leader? In elementary school we used to always have to do group projects and I remembered that we had to learn about the ocean. That’s when we formed a group to learn about sharks and our group was just given an outline to do a poster project but I decided to take a risk and do something different and extra which was to make a diorama with a poster to describe everything going along with it. With the consent of my group, we did it and it resulted in us exceeding expectations and getting a good mark.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”-John C Maxwell. Now what does that mean? That quote represents exactly what I and all other quiet leaders do. I listen and figure out a solution or idea, then I “go the way” which also means I start to figure out the situation and act, then finally I show the way which also means to lead by example.

I believe that I am a leader as I am able to persevere, motivate, assist, and guide others. But having these skills not being able to use them is useless. Whenever there’s a need for someone to guide then that’s when a good leader should rise and help everyone. Everybody is a leader in one way or another but I believe that a successful leader must be able to inspire themselves and others before anything else.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

What Do I Want to Teach The World

I want to teach the world about how they can help stop climate change and to use renewable energy to combat this situation. Climate change has been a major complication that many countries have been dealing with, but what could regular teenagers like us do? I want to be able to teach the world that our earth is something we should be able to cherish and protect in any way possible.
Regardless if we are in high school, we can still contribute on a minor scale just by recycling our home’s newspapers, cardboard and whatever’s possible. You could also help by growing your own vegetables and fruits or to even plant your own tree. In addition to that, us teenagers could just to switch off the lights whenever they’re not in use and from there ask our parents to change the light bulbs to compact fluorescents or maybe even LEDs if possible. Even unplugging devices you aren’t using would help a lot, such as coffee makers with a digital clock. Doing these things could save you and your family electricity and money. But does that really contribute since electricity is generally based off of fossil fuels? This is where your parents can step in, especially if they are pro-environment. These solutions are more costly but if you and your parents can afford it, then I suggest to install a solar heated system for your hot water, or installing solar panels for your electricity, or to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle if they don’t already have one.
Actually, we should all teach the world including our family and friends, that if we all keep living the way we’re living and not implementing change then our future generations may not even have an Earth.
My main goal as I grow up is to run my own business but I as a side project I would love to help make an impact on the issue of climate change.