Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Poem Inspired by Gord Downie

Time Flies

I really hate thinking about how time flies
Back when we didn’t know what was wrong or right
Really makes you reflect on all those memories
When everything ended up in a fight

We’d just play around and share some snacks
There was never too much to agonize about
It was just have fun and make some friends
Things will be changing from here on out

I really miss the memories of building all those snowmen
Or even when we got to swim and had fun
So much laughter was shared at the park
But nothing could’ve beaten hide and go seek in the dark

Now we’ll just run into challenges day in and out
Fun is now just replaced with stress
No matter how difficult it is don’t you ever pout
You must keep hustling nevertheless

School starts to take over and we start to lose time
We miss all those moments which were filled with amusement
You start to wish all that time would just replay
But really it’s all just an illusion

Really consider how you’re using your time
Complete your tasks and you’ll find some downtime
Just use your time wisely and live with no regret
Just live life to the fullest and time will fly by like a jet

My poem was inspired by Gord Downie’s poem called Toboggan Hill. In this poem he talks about when he was young and all the fun things that he did such as “I'm thinking back to when we were young and eating donuts.” After reading this it brought up an idea or inspiration to write about how time flies and how we should cherish those times we had and to use our time wisely. In my opinion his poems have a very loose rhyming structure which made me use different rhyming patterns instead of the simple A,B,A,B.


  1. This is a great poem. It's well written and the message is relatable. Just wait, that free time you have right now won't be doing anything but decreasing in the years to come.

  2. Your poem really made me think about how I feel the same way sometimes. At times I wish I could go back in time and not do as much schoolwork and enjoy life. I liked how you used a lot of imagery in your poem. I could really picture what you were saying in my head.

  3. Nice job, your poem is very relatable and direct, which makes it unique because everyone can connect to it.

  4. Donald, I think I'm going to have to start calling you mark twain because this poem is stellar! With your implementation of Imagery, I felt like I was living in the memories you were describing. I'm sure Gord Downie would approve of this poem because it is truly well done!