Thursday, 22 September 2016

What Do I Want to Teach The World

I want to teach the world about how they can help stop climate change and to use renewable energy to combat this situation. Climate change has been a major complication that many countries have been dealing with, but what could regular teenagers like us do? I want to be able to teach the world that our earth is something we should be able to cherish and protect in any way possible.
Regardless if we are in high school, we can still contribute on a minor scale just by recycling our home’s newspapers, cardboard and whatever’s possible. You could also help by growing your own vegetables and fruits or to even plant your own tree. In addition to that, us teenagers could just to switch off the lights whenever they’re not in use and from there ask our parents to change the light bulbs to compact fluorescents or maybe even LEDs if possible. Even unplugging devices you aren’t using would help a lot, such as coffee makers with a digital clock. Doing these things could save you and your family electricity and money. But does that really contribute since electricity is generally based off of fossil fuels? This is where your parents can step in, especially if they are pro-environment. These solutions are more costly but if you and your parents can afford it, then I suggest to install a solar heated system for your hot water, or installing solar panels for your electricity, or to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle if they don’t already have one.
Actually, we should all teach the world including our family and friends, that if we all keep living the way we’re living and not implementing change then our future generations may not even have an Earth.
My main goal as I grow up is to run my own business but I as a side project I would love to help make an impact on the issue of climate change.

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  1. I really liked that you made this essay very easy to relate to especially when you said "but what can us teenagers do?" It was very easy to understand and it really makes people think and want to help. Great Job :))